Extreme weather events and grid capacity are real issues we face in today’s world. Being able to bounce back with minimal impact to tenants is key to demonstrating reliability.

Fortunately, advances in solar PV and battery technologies have made renewable energy cost effective for almost any building that has good exposure to the sun. This enables building with the potential to produce their own electricity, minimize utility demand charges, and provide back-up power in case of an emergency.
Our staff has experience evaluating, optimizing, and designing solar PV, battery, cogeneration and emergency backup systems sized from 16 MW to 5 kW. Services for existing systems focus on improving monitoring and controls systems, verifying performance, diagnosing issues and ultimately creating SOWs resulting in increased production by approximately 20%. With new installations, REC’s staff manages the design team, project managers and construction contractors, reviewing and approving the system design and integration, coordinating and approving the bidding process, and final commissioning.

Cogeneration / Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Don’t let it go to waste. Make electricity from recycled heat and provide emergency  backup power at the same time.

Resiliency and Emergency Preparedness Assessment

Weather the next storm without worrying about the operation of your building.

Smart Grid Solutions

Strengthen your community and join the movement for a modern power infrastructure.

Solar PV

Take advantage of available incentives and brighten up your electric bills.

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